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Only a few years ago profit margins in the Wide and Grand Format printing world (44 inches wide and larger) were very good. The early adopters that were previously maintaining good double-digit bottom-line margins and were mostly interested in improving quality and productivity. Mike Ruff Consulting responded by improving internal costs through Process Control and G7 Qualifications. Today, most major print companies have mastered quality improvement requirements. But we still do Process Control and G7 Qualifications for those that have not taken that step forward. We still do QC audits to help in continual improvement programs.

However, the primary reason you should choose Mike Ruff Consulting today is we see the need for our Wide and Grand Format Printing world that is more than QC and Production Improvement. The effect is what we call the Bottom Line Margin Crisis.

Net margins are the biggest threat to growth and even survival. The problem is accelerated by overcapacity, high costs, and the short time obsolescence of digital print equipment, along with systemic low prices. These overwhelming forces are taking a toll on once highly profitable Wide Format Print Companies.

Now, in addition to all the other great services we are known for, we offer “Business Acceleration Transformation Plans and Implementation”. These plans are custom but we use tried and proven methods developed by Mark Coudray in working with over 250 companies for the last 12 years. If a company will fully commit to a reset of their thinking and implement new core processes that generate high bottom-line margins, they will quickly recover. We have found we can accelerate a company's growth and profitability more in 12 weeks than most companies can do on their own in two years.

Mike Ruff Consulting is your one-stop solution. Our resources in screenprint, dye-sub, digital, graphics and signage, and workflows, will improve productivity print quality, speed and accuracy quickly and accurately. We also can help you qualify as a G7 Master Print Facility.

Most of the time, Business Acceleration requires improvements in production efficiency. Mike Ruff has over 40+ years of experience in this segment. We are members of Printing UNITED and Idealliance and we use international standards and other resources they provide. We are also a member of The Color Management Group and we make recommendations of equipment and provide competitive pricing along with training by experienced trainers. We help plan production workflow improvements through software, training, print certification, color management instruments, and advanced technology to enhance productivity and increase accuracy, speed, quality, and improve profitability.

Our five-step approach is not just sales training. It is a powerful system that is a permanent culture change.

We help you optimize your customer base by clarifying account types that fit your niche and reduce wasted resources used for unprofitable activity- Paraeto’s Law.

We implement and train on a science-based sales system - Business accelerator sales training program.

The last objective is to implement highly profitable growth through an accurate and effective process we use to discover and capitalize on your market niche. We then teach you how to develop that niche that will make you a leader in your print segment.

Mostly Graphic printing companies that are both analog and digital. Screen printers, dye-sub, Wide Format Digital printers, offset and flexographic printers that are struggling in highly competitive commoditized markets. This is where we can help the most.

You will have clarity of your next step to higher margins. It could be with us, or what you could be doing for yourself internally.

Sometimes, but mostly we work with existing businesses. Our specialty is solving profitability problems that are caused by flaws in the production process or improvements needed in Sales, Marketing, and Financial Structuring.

No, but we would evaluate your current plan and advise on changes or a new business plan that you would create.

Phase one: (Remote Assessment) is FREE but it is very valuable to the prospective client. You will learn a lot about potential solutions to challenges that are preventing you from the expected bottom line profits and consistent high-profit growth.

Phase two: Special training and coaching programs will vary in price. We cannot price or make a decision on accepting clients or estimating costs without knowledge of their needs and objectives. This is why we offer a free remote assessment.

Your FREE remote assessment will provide clarity of your most important next step. You will have an option to let up help you or you could implement our plan with internal resources.

Although we have done consulting in many countries, we are now just focusing on the U.S. If you have a special request elsewhere, contact us!

Most discouraged business owners are working harder than ever, but due to commoditization, prices are low and they have very low bottom line net margins. There is no way to grow out of this situation their business is in without professional, experienced help making systemic changes. Check out this YouTube video by Mark Coudray.

Start with the FREE Business Accelerator Assessment. After our Free remote assessment, we will present a plan outlining immediate actions needed and how to finance the project if it is feasible. We base our financial training on the book by Mike Michlowicz, Profit First. Mark Coudray is a Profit First Professional.